The concept is simple. We already know that over 98% of buyers are actively shopping online to find their dream home or investment property. Since you are doing part of the work why shouldn’t you share in part of the commission?

Just as Mills Realty has revolutionized the listing side of the real estate industry, we are now changing the way consumers are buying properties.

Once you have engaged us with an agency relationship we will set up our system and email you up to once per day with all new listings that fall within your search parameters. You can then drive-by these properties and narrow them down to the ones you want to see. We will set the appointments and get your access either with the seller or one of our buyer agents. When you have decided on the right property we will negotiate the purchase contract and get you the best deal possible. Once your offer is accepted we walk hand and hand with you through the close of escrow advising you every step of the way. Shortly after the close of escrow we will send you a check for up to 1% of the purchase price. Click here for the Mills Realty Buyer Rebate form for all the details.
The program is exactly the same if you find a property through any other website or at an open house that you attended. Simply contact us as early in the process to establish an agency relationship, which will then guarantee the seller pays us a commission that we will split with you.

Revolutionary? Absolutely, but that is the type of company we are and what has made us one of the top Realtors in the country.

We anticipate rebating our clients over One Million Dollars this year alone!